Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm a Mommy with some FILTHY Secrets

The other Mommy’s in the neighborhood know that I'm up to SOMETHING but they don’t know what. I love to teach boys the “ways of love” and of course down and dirty fucking. Don’t let my sweet face or my soccer mom haircut fool you. I'm a no holds barred nymphomaniac who loves to indulge every horny urge of yours! Call me now hon ! 1-866-739-1010

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hi Guys, it's Marsha checking in better fucking call me NOW or ELSE!

I thought I'd sit down and address all of the bad boys out there. Some of you were good boys and called me after my last blog. Others of you... well, let's just say you are in for a world of hurt and misery. You are a pathetic, worthless loser with a small dick. You better come get your punishment...the more time that goes by, the worse it will get. At least you'll get to stare at my hot tits while I torture you... if I let you that is. CALL ME NOW!! 1-866-739-1010

I'm a Mommy who gets off on GIVING pleasure...

Hi Dollface, I'm Trudy. If you are looking for a loving, sensual Mommy look no further!! You'll love my warm soft skin, my voice that will make your cock stand at attention and my huge natural breasts. My pleasure comes from giving pleasure and I won't be happy until I've drained every drop of cum out of you. Are you ready to be pampered? Don't make Mommy me now. 1-866-739-1010 and make sure you ask for me, Trudy!

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Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm a versatile Mommy and SUPER SEXY, no matter what role you want me to play!

I'm Mommy Charlene -What do you want me to be? Nurting girlfriend? Playful fuck buddy? Raging bitch? A cum dumpster submissive? I love flirting and teasing, whipping you into a frenzy. Eventually you’ll succumb to myseductive powers and be pleasuring me ever whim. Make me happy and you’ll be rewarded in spades. You’ll love my sexy voice and you’ll be melting in no time.
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

I want to dress you up like the sissy slut dolly you are!

My name is Marilyn but you can call me Mommy. There's nothing I love more than playing dress up; I have a huge closet full of sexy silk stockings, bras, panties, teddies and more. I don't just like to dress myself up, I like to dress up YOU up, my sissy baby! I want to help you become the sexiest, most feminine and girly girl you can become. Bring all of your feminization fantasies to me. I promise I don't judge... it's quite the opposite! It actually turns me on.

Call me now and let the dress up begin! 1-866-739-1010.
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mommy Will Take Good Care of Baby and Make Sure His Diaper Is Changed!

I'm Mommy Kara, but you can call me "Mommy" of course. A GOOD Mommy like me knows what's best for baby. I'll give you your feedings on time (breastmilk of course), clean you up, change your diaper and play all kinds of fun games that I know you, my precious baby, will love! If you are ready, maybe we can work on some potty training but if you're not, don't worry...Mommy will take special care of you!

Be a big boy now and pick up the phone to make Mommy Kara proud... 1-866-739-1010
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Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm such a good Mommy, you'll aim to be the PERFECT litte boy for me!

My name is Trisha. Did you grow up feeling like your Mommy wasn’t very attentive? Let’s make up for lost time. I’m such good mommy that you’ll aim to be the perfect little boy. Don’t worry, if you mess up I’ll sweetly yet firmly correct your behavior. Let my ample breasts and wet pussy be an incentive to be a sweet boy! You’ll love how my sexy voice makes your cock stand at attention. If you want to do some role play, I’m down for it! I can be Auntie, Grandma, teacher or any other female authority figure!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm the NASTIEST, SLUTTIEST Mommy You've Ever Met

Hi Baby, my name is Jayne and yes it's true...I'm a TOTAL slut! I love nothing more than taking care of you, my sweet baby. There are so many nasty things I want to do to you like suck that big fat cock of yours and get you ready to ride. You'll go crazy watching me ride your cock, up and down, undulating my hips and squeezing your cock. I like to get extra nasty too...fuck me in the ass and shove your dirty cock in my mouth!!!! I hope to hear from you, I can't wait to show you what a dirty whore I am...

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Slutty Cougar Looking For Man Meat to Fuck Her

My name is Charlene. As I always say, life is short, play hard. I love being treated like the foxy, classy lady I am. I love flirting and teasing until the sexual tension is so thick, we both feel like we're going to cum uncontrollably. Watching you get whipped into a frenzy makes me SO wet. I know it won't take long for you to be lapping at my pussy, I have that effect on young guys. Make mehappy and you’ll be rewarded in spades. You’ll love my sexy voice, you’ll be melting in no time.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm a cruel bitchy Mommy who will have your asshole quivering as you cry!

If you are looking for a sweet, kind or gentle Mommy, you are looking in the wrong place! I'm Mommy Marsha and I REFUSE to coddle you. You are nothing but a pathetic screw up who deserves to be laughed at and humiliated. Do as I say or be tormented. I love having other naughty mommies from the neighborhood over so we can turn you into our butt boy. You'll be stunned as we pass you around the room to spank you Add Imageand gang bang you with all of our strap ons. Try not to act like a wussy candy ass, please? Then again, that's probably an impossible request for a pathetic sissy failure like you.

CALL ME NOW! You're moving too slow, you MUST be punished...
1-866-739-1010 Ask for me, Mommy Marsha
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Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm the yummy Mommy you've been looking for.

Did you grow up feeling like your Mommy wasn’t very attentive? Let’s make up for lost time. I'm Mommy Trudy and I'm such a good mommy that you’ll aim to be the perfect little boy. Don’t worry, if you mess up I'll sweetly yet firmly correct your behavior. Let my ample breasts and wet pussy be an incentive to be a sweet boy! I want to make you feel so good, like the nice boy you are! Call me now darling, 1-866-SEX-1010 (1-866-739-1010)

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cut My Lawn and Fuck My Tight Cougar Pussy. I love yummy hot young men! MMM...

Hi there, my name is Paula. I have the nicest yard, the cleanest pool and the most kept house on the block – why? BECAUSE I KEEP HIRING ALL THE STUDLY YOUNG MEN to keep my place looking nice, but most importantly keep my aching PUSSY serviced!! I love sitting out in the lawn sunbathing while you slave away painting the house or chopping firewood for evening fires… I know you are staring at my hot ass and tits as I go into the house to get you an icy drink. Maybe you should follow me inside and throw me down on the counter and run an ice cube down her breasts and then even a bit lower…

Come on baby, grab your cock and call me at 1-866-SEX-1010 (1-866-739-1010)
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

My name is Darla. Look no further, I can give you EVERYTHING you need no matter how deviant or nasty!

My name is Darla and I am the embodiment of the saying “with age comes wisdom”. I will not only wow you with an amazing body (frankly, I look better than women half my age!) but I will thrill you and your cock with the know how that only years of experience can bring. Let me join you in bed and pleasure you in ways you’ve never experienced before. My touch, my talented mouth and the way I can move her body will leave you drained and yearning for more.

Call me, let a woman who knows what she is doing take care of that throbbing cock of yours.

1-866-SEX-1010 (1-866-739-1010) - just ask for me, Darla! XOXO
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Slutty Cum Whore Cougar On the Prowl For YOU!

Nancy is that woman you see at your local bar….she’s a lot thinner than other women her age, well kept, platinum blonde and screams “sex kitten on the prowl.” You can’t help but wonder, what is she like in real life? Well, she is a Grandma. She loves cooking. She loves volunteering at the VFW. SHE LOVES YOUNG COCK. Yes, that’s why she has that look – she wants to ravage you and show you that age is just a number.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Naughty Mommy LOVES When You Suck Her Nipples

If it isn’t Bonnie’s sexy legs or piercing eyes that gets your attention, her gigantic breasts certainly will! She has very sensitive nipples and loves to have them played with or sucked. Her favorite thing to do is set you on her lovely suburban sofa and tittyfuck that hard cock of yours while licking the precum off the tip. Are you ready for Mommy?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Classy MILF Is an Insatiable Slut Who Will Seduce You Like No Other!

Life is short, play hard. This beauty loves being treated like the foxy, classy lady she is. It isn’t just looks she is interested in, impress her with your mind and your sense of humor. She loves flirting and teasing, whipping you into a frenzy. She loves whispering nasty things into your ear, knowing your cock is getting harder and harder. Eventually you’ll succumb to her seductive powers and be pleasuring her ever whim. Make her happy and you’ll be rewarded in spades. Her talented mouth all over your body, your cock disappearing into her tight wet pussy. She knows exactly what it takes to make you explode. From the instant you hear her voice on the line, you’ll be melting in no time. Charlene is waiting for your, grab your cock and call her NOW like the good little boy you are.

Monday, May 17, 2010

This Naughty Mommy KNOWS You Spy On Her...

I’m on to you boy. I see you staring at me when I sunbathe with the neighbor lady. I’ve found a collection of my panties under your bed. I see you stare at me when I’m standing in the bathroom nude and drying my hair. Let’s stop pretending already. Next time you are in your room, I’m going to come in, run my hands up your thighs and unzip your fly so I can finally see that big cock I’ve been dreaming about…

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Expert Touch Of Mommy Lorna

Let Mommy Lorna take you by the hand and lead you to her room. You’ve always wanted to see it but now you are going to get to spend some quality time there. Let her expertly undress you and begin to teach you about the ways of love. You’ll love feeling her soft hands all over your young body, making you harder with every caress. Let her get on top and straddle you so you can behold the beauty that is her curvaceous body. There’s so much she has always wanted do to you…maybe she should start by getting that hard cock out of your jeans…

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mommy June

Mommy, mommy, can you play with me? Mommy June is into any and ALL types of extreme mommy roleplay fetishes you may have. She thinks about pleasing little boys 24/7, and she will be pleasing herself by this. She is the best teacher you will ever find to teach you about everything there is to know about sex. She will make sure you grow up to be a good little sex performer. Be a good listener, and do what mommy says.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mommy Sara

Hmmmm. What did I catch you doing? You snuck into the laundry to rub Mommy's soft, sweet-smelling panties all over your naked body. You know, Honey, it really turns Mommy on to watch you sitting on the floor in front of our washer and dryer, stroking your cock in my sexy lingerie. Maybe I should teach my little one what big girls really like!Are you looking for a sexy, single Mommy who yearns to spend time with you?Are you looking for a sweet, loving Mommy who loves and adores you?Are you looking for a strict Mommy, who will pull down your pants and spank your bare bottom for being a bad boy?I'm Mommy Sara and I promise I will take care of all your needs. I know exactly how to make my boys very satisfied.Now, come crawl in bed next to me. I promise to give you an extra special treat!

Mommy Estelle

Well, hello there, I'm Estelle. Before you ask, yes, they're real and yes, you can play with them... but you're going to have to be a good boy first. That's right, we're going to have lots of fun and be very naughty together, but I'm absolutely the one that's going to be in charge. I know you want to please me and you'll do whatever I demand, won't you? Good boys get privileges -- bad boys get punished. Sometimes punishment can be a good thing, though. Well, enough chit chat. Let's get started in our scandalous adventures together, shall we?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mommy Kara

Oh, how Mommy loves to take care of her precious baby. Is your wittle di-di all wet? Mommy will wipe that little, bottom using all your favorite wipes, powders and lotions. But you have to be patient, because sometimes Mommy gets very busy around the house and you may have to wait in that heavy, wet diaper. After you're all clean, we'll play some games and sing some songs and practice your waddle. All that work will make Mommy's baby a hungry boy! Growing baby boys need to be big and strong...that's why I have BIG breasts filled with yummy warm milkie just for my #1 Honey Bunny. As you start to get a little older, Mommy will help potty train you. You can "pee potty" just like the big boys and make Mommy so proud! I know what it's like to want, NEED, the love of a nurturing and supportive Mommy... call Mommy Kara now for some very special care.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mommy Margie

Hot, wet and oh so wild! Cum play with horny Margie and you're sure to have a fun-filled fuckfest! This busty babe loves to cum and likes to tease you until you're squirming with desire for her. Sit back and let Margie get herself wet for you while you slowly stroke your hardening cock. Squeeze your shaft while she slips her fingers in her juicy snatch then rubs the sticky juice on her plump nipples before licking it off. Don't worry, just when you think you can't take anymore, she'll turn that talented, pink tongue loose on you, too

Mommy Bonnie

Mommy Bonnie has what all the boys want -- big, yummy tits! Cum suckle and nuzzle these beauties! Rub your hard, stiff cock right between them and splooge a creamy, hot load all over Mommy Bonnie's gigantic breasts and let her lick all the cum off before taking you into her mouth and sucking you hard again! That's right, Mommy Bonnie loves your hot, creamy juice and she will let you do just about anything you want as long as you promise to give her lots of it!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mommy Marie

Marie is one kinky Granny! This mature women is always looking for the next fling, be it man seeking an older women, a young boy needing to learn about sex, a girls who need some granny domination, or boys with extreme mommy needs and issues. Marie is also an old pro at cuckold, bondage, toilet play, mutual masturbation, and of course, titty fucking.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mommy Norma

Norma LOVES talking about panties. Lace, silk, cotton, nylon, thong, boy briefs, you name it. She is always playing with her pussy whenever you mention panties. She loves panties on you too, she wants you to wear them when you talk to her. She will tell you exactly what to do to yourself when you two talk about panties together...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mommy Nellie

There are whores... and then there's Nellie. This older slut is no fool, she learned at a young age that she wasn't blessed with beauty and that the only way she'd ever get any attention was to be the girl that did whatever the boys wanted. Years later and it's still Nasty Nellie that does what the other girls won't. No matter how perverse or disgusting, if there's something kinky you want to do - Nellie will do it. She'll do anything for attention. Anything.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Grannie Mommy Georgia

Granny Georgia isn't like the other grandmothers. You knew early on that Granny Georgia was something special and that remains true to this day. Remember how she'd let you secretly watch her doing all sorts of exciting things with her lovers and how she'd encourage you to squirt for her later? Maybe it's time to stop watching...

Mommy Trudy

Mommy Trudy will pull you close and hold you tight - just like any good mommy should. You'll feel her warm body and hard nipples against your young body and you'll find it "hard" to "contain" your enthusiasm. Mommy loves enthusiastic young men. She loves to bring you into her bed to teach and nurture. Sometimes Mommy knows when a firm hand is needed, but don't despair. She'll reward you with two very tasty treats.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Mommy Lorna

A sweet, young Mommy ready to show you what being a big boy is all about. Mommy Lorna is cuddly, sensual and very loving. She will teach you all the things you will need to know and really loves to be rewarded with your hot young cream, so don't be shy with this Mommy. From her caring touch to her delicious body and luscious voice, you will be happy you spent some quality time with Mommy Lorna.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mommy Trudy

Mommy Trudy will pull you close and hold you tight - just like any good mommy should. You'll feel her warm body and hard nipples against your young body and you'll find it "hard" to "contain" your enthusiasm. Mommy loves enthusiastic young men. She loves to bring you into her bed to teach and nurture. Sometimes Mommy knows when a firm hand is needed, but don't despair. She'll reward you with two very tasty treats.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mommy Mitzi

Sexy, single Mommy Mitzi had an early start to motherhood. She doesn't mind at all and is, in fact, very dedicated to her now teenage son. They have always been very close and have become much closer over time. Mommy Mitzi loves teaching her son the sexual talents he'll need as a man and he loves every inch of his precious Mommy. Yes, they are very close indeed. Would you like some of this Mommy's sweet, special love, too?